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Have my usernames and passwords been leaked?

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Cyber Forensics, Inc can provide you with any leaked databases which contain any of your usernames or passwords. There was a second data breach and leak of 92% of all LinkedIn users. This equates to over 700 million leaks credentials. Whether its LinkedIn, Yahoo.com, Target or even Equifax, let our experts identify any of your leaked information for a flat fee of $100.00

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Cyber Forensics experts will help you win critical cases and protect your most important information.




Cyber Forensics will assist you from the onset of your investigation helping you prepare for your case.



Let our team of Cyber Forensics instructors provide you with beginning, intermediate and expert training.



Cyber Forensics will design, implement and manage your in-house or hosted eDiscovery needs.

Computer Forensics Experts

Presenting digital evidence during litigation can be a daunting task. Our certified federal and state cyberforensics experts have solved thousands of forensic cases and we will assist your legal team in presenting a winning case in any court worldwide.

All of our cyberforensics experts and certified instructors are notable worldwide leaders in computer and mobile device forensics, cellular triangulation and social media investigations. Featured in Wired Magazine, Esquire International, Fox News, CBS, ABC and NBC our company continues to provide computer forensic and cellular triangulation analysis to Law Enforcement nationwide, Law Firms, Hollywood Celebrities and private individuals. We are certified forensic experts and former special agents or employees from the US Secret Service, National Security Agency and from various law enforcement agencies worldwide. We have performed thousands of forensic examinations, cyber investigations, cellular triangulation reconstructions while and have testified in dozens of judicial proceedings in Federal and State courts throughout the USA.

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Meet our Leadership Team
Cyberforensics Expert K. Gus Dimitrelos

K. Gus Dimitrelos

Gus is a retired US Secret Service special agent and currently the President of Cyber Forensics. Gus has been certified as a computer expert since 1996 and is currently certified in numerous Federal and State courts as a computer and cellular expert. Gus is also a lead instructor for the Department of State anti-Terrorism program and the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy.  Curriculum Vitae available upon request

Jennifer Boos Dimitrelos

Jennifer Boos Dimitrelos

In addition to being a BSN-RN and running Cyber Forensics Jennifer handles all of our social media investigations and if your lying and/or cheating she will catch you every time. She also completed her Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert (CSMIE) certification with McAfee Institute while solving domestic infidelity cases on the CW show Couples Court with the Cutlers.


The list speaks for itself. These are some of our high profile clients.

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