When Does A Case Warrant a Computer Forensics Expert?


Representing clients to the best of your ability requires making difficult decisions regarding what experts to consult and what types of investigations must be conducted. Today, more than ever, attorneys are discovering that cyber forensics is a key part of the investigative process in the majority of civil and criminal cases.

Cyber forensics has taken on increasing importance in investigations as computers and other technologies have become more pervasive. Today, both companies and individuals produce extensive digital data as more transactions are moved online and both individuals and businesses operate more and more within the digital realm.

Because so much essential information is collected on computers and other technology, cyber forensics has become important to almost every case where any of the parties involved use computers.

When you are making a decision as an attorney on how best to vigorously represent the interests of your client, consulting with cyber forensics experts should be a part of your process. Give us a call to find out about the specific services that we can offer you and to learn more about why cyber forensics can help you to make your case.

Why Cyber Forensics is Important in Legal Proceedings

Cyber forensics should play a key role in any case in which any of the involved parties used a computer. Attorneys and their clients benefit from the use of cyber forensics because:

  • Cyber forensics goes beyond data recovery: Cyber forensics does a comprehensive and complete examination of digital information to do far more than just recover deleted or lost data. Cyber forensic experts can trace artifacts, discover valuable deleted files, unearth information from unused hard drive space, and put everything together to make it easy to see the big picture.
  • Cyber forensics goes beyond e-discovery: E-discovery involves processing electronic evidence that is readily available, while cyber forensics involves processing hidden files, reconstructing date codes to identify the pattern of changes to the file, and conducting a much more detailed analysis of a computer user’s behaviors and actions.

The ideology behind cyber forensics is that obtaining comprehensive data on every aspect of a person’s computer use can allow that data to tell a whole, complete story. Instead of just looking at the documents that people save or the files that are turned over, cyber forensics delves much deeper, recovering the information that computer users attempt to hide or that computer users do not even realize is being preserved.

Patterns of computer use can paint a very detailed picture, and experts in computer forensics can rediscover what has been lost and find data that no one else knows is there so the strongest possible case can be made with the most comprehensive evidence a computer can provide.

Contact Cyber Forensics Experts Today

Cyber forensics experts can provide the personalized assistance you need to bolster your case through the collection of comprehensive evidence. To find out more about how our cyber forensics experts can help you to best serve your client by obtaining the most detailed digital evidence available, give us a call today.

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