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The examination of Call Detail Records from Cellular Tower Geo-location artifacts, often referred to as cellular triangulation, is of vital importance in investigations and legal proceedings, but it is often misused or misunderstood. Cyber Forensics provides the analysis of such data and presentation of it to a Jury and our effective use  of cellular data can help identify a location or rebut location based evidence within a case.

In the examination of carrier call detail records (CDRs) cellular tower data is useful when the relative time period corresponds with one or more cellular towers being utilized for a voice call, SMS or other recorded event. It is also necessary to understand and recognize call patterns and anomalies as well as to understand the different methods that cell providers employ to CDR data.

CDR data can provide such valuable information in criminal investigations and in legal proceedings and reaching out to involve cyber forensic experts early in the process is often the best option as most carriers have limited retention periods. Cyber Forensics is here to help, so give us a call today to learn about the assistance that we can offer.

How Cyber Forensics Helps with Cellular Triangulation

Cyber Forensic provides comprehensive training and assistance with obtaining and analyzing call detail records (CDRs) and other data provided by cellular phone carriers. Our forensic experts can work with you even before you obtain records from a wireless carrier to utilize the correct verbiage in a preservation letter to ensure data is not lost. We also provide assistance with retaining an appropriate subpoena and court order for specific subscriber records, neighboring towers or for tower dump records.

Once you have taken the initial steps to obtain CDR data, Cyber Forensic has the tools and knowledge to assist you in the proper CDR and tower dump analysis of the records. Call detail records contain valuable information including call data and time activity, information on call lengths, details on SMS messages, originating cell sites and terminating cell sites. All of these details can help you to put together the pieces that reveal exactly what an individual was doing and where an individual was or was not when a criminal act was committed.

Unfortunately, many investigators and attorneys overlook cell tower information which can be some of the most valuable data in a case involving location-based events. While it is simple for laypeople to understand information about call length and text length, analyzing cell tower information requires the specialized knowledge that only an expert can provide.

Cellular carriers report tower and sector information differently, and interpreting the data is a skill that Cyber Forensics has which many other expert witnesses, prosecutors, and law enforcement professionals do not have. We can obtain and analyze relevant information including subscriber data, tower locations, sector orientation, anomalies and more. We also make use of environmental surveys and can even coordinate an in-field environmental survey to plot a relevant tower.

After conducting an expert analysis, we will produce mapping diagrams for you and can serve as an cellular expert witness to help with your case.

Contact Cell Phone Triangulation Experts 

If you want to make effective use of call detail records from a cellular carrier when investigating or preparing your case, Cyber Forensics is the company to call because of our unparalleled experience and knowledge within this field. The professionals at Cyber Forensics can not only serve as an cellular phone expert witness and provide assistance with investigations and case preparation, but we also provide continuing legal education for law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders and private attorneys nationwide.

To find out about the many ways in which we can assist with cellular phone triangulation, contact us today for assistance.

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