Electronic discovery has become a standard in litigation and the importance of eDiscovery is only continuing to grow as more and more information is produced and stored digitally. eDiscovery, or the lack of it, can make or break cases and it is vital that all parties involved in criminal or civil proceedings have the best resources and the necessary expertise to utilize during the eDiscovery process.eDiscovery experts providing support for both in-house and hosted eDiscovery services

Cyber Forensics is the partner to turn to for all of your electronic discovery and cyber litigation solutions. Our extensive past track record of providing collection and preservation of eDiscovery from mobile devices, computers, networks, and cloud storage combined with technical expertise and litigation assistance is vital to your case success. The services we offer are comprehensive, affordable and come with certified expert testimony in Federal and State courts throughout the USA.

To find out more about how Cyber Forensics can offer you comprehensive support and solutions for computer and electronic discovery in civil or criminal proceedings, give us a call today.

Why Turn to Cyber Forensics for Electronic Discovery Services?

Cyber Forensics offers both in-house and hosted eDiscovery service for potential litigation or for litigation that is imminent. We work with you to develop customized, cost-effective, affordable solutions that meet your needs as you prepare your case. Services provided include:

  • In-house discovery
  • Data acquisition and retention
  • Master data management
  • De-duplication
  • Protection of privileged information
  • Preservation and validation
  • Data redaction
  • Forensic analysis
  • Filtering and Load File Creation
  • Online reporting
  • Technical litigation assistance
  • Expert testimonial service including expert trial testimony, sworn declarations and affidavits and assistance with subpoena / court order for technical verbiage.

Clients can customize the assistance they receive from Cyber Forensics, choosing either in-house or hosted eDiscovery.

Hosted ESI solutions can offer benefits at a fraction of in-house eDiscovery expenditures, and clients benefit from unlimited storage capacity, help with legal hold notices, collection of digital evidence, management of the physical chain of custody, maintenance and preservation of digital evidence and processing of digital evidence. Cyber Solutions can even create online portals which make it possible for litigators to concurrently access data, and to bookmark, tag, flag, and export relevant data. Our professional team will offer services at every phase of your case, from trial preparation to presenting a case to a judge, jury, or mediator.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has contracted electronic discovery and cyber litigation solutions from Cyber Forensics. The breadth and scope of our experience offering technical expertise and litigation assistance for the DOJ’s Civil and Criminal Divisions and the trust the DOJ has placed in us demonstrate why you, too, should turn to Cyber Forensics for all of your e-discovery needs.

Contact Cyber Forensics today to learn how our eDiscovery experts can help you

When your case could be impacted by digitally stored information or electronic records, there is no room for error. Call us today to discuss your personalized e-discovery solutions.

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