Working with Cyber Forensics Experts to Help Your Case


Today, more digital data than ever is produced by individuals and businesses. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are ubiquitous and most people use online digital devices as their primary means of communication. Individuals spend hours every day on their computers, producing not only documents, emails, and other files that make up a digital paper trail but also producing a record of behavioral patterns.

When many attorneys collect electronic data as part of an investigation, the focus is on files and emails that have been preserved and that are accessible through the traditional eDiscovery process. In some cases, efforts are made to find deleted and hidden files – but many of these efforts simply scratch the surface of the full measure of information that digital devices can provide.

When you partner with a cyber forensics expert, you can do a much deeper dive into the data so you can obtain a full, comprehensive picture of everything that the computer or device offers. Cyber forensics not only involves recovering data most people think they have deleted, but it also goes much deeper. Experts in cyber forensics can recover information that its creators aren’t even aware exists by analyzing patterns of use, accessing information gleaned from empty spaces in hard drives, and so much more.

Cyber forensics requires both specialized knowledge and specialized equipment. It’s not something that just anyone can do. You need a partner with the real-world experience, practical knowledge, and technical know-how to uncover the information that no one else knows exists. You can recover not just active data, but ambient data — such as fragments of deleted files, backup copies, hidden files, a full Internet history, and deleted directory structures – that will tell you more than you ever imagined.

Partnering with a Computer Forensics Expert

If you are considering partnering with a computer forensics expert, or if you feel that Cyber Forensics may be able to help you with a particular case, we can help you to understand the services and support that we offer. We can help you to determine:

Cyber Forensics can also offer you personalized advice on how we can help your firm to better serve your clients. Give us a call today to find out more.

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