When you are involved in a civil or criminal proceeding, thorough computer forensic services can provide you with the evidence to win your case. Digital evidence is taking on increasing importance in legal proceedings and you owe it to your clients to make certain that you are making effective use of digital information that could help to clear their name or help to prove liability or guilt.

Prosecutors, plaintiffs’ attorneys and public and private defense attorneys can turn to Cyber Forensics to get help from consummate experts with unparalleled experience in the field of computer forensic services.

Cyber Forensics also goes far beyond just providing help with investigations, case preparation and evidence presentation. We also offer assistance in preventing and responding to threats, implementing effective procedures to protect digital information and more. Whether your corporate network has been compromised, your data is at risk, or you need help complying with regulatory compliance rules related to electronically stored information, our experts can offer the assistance that you need. When you place your trust in Cyber Forensics on any computer, mobile device or digital data security concerns, you are in good hands.

Computer Forensic Services Offered by Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics provides a full array of services in the field of computer forensics. Services that we offer include:

  • Technical litigation
  • Civil or criminal cyber forensics
  • Cellular forensics
  • Cellular triangulation
  • Incident response procedures
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Assistance with computer fraud and abuse investigations
  • Penetration testing
  • Internal and external network audits
  • Digital evidence preservation
  • Computer and network monitoring
  • Network intrusion analysis
  • CIO, IT and critical systems staff vetting
  • Extensive background reports
  • PCI compliance
  • Expert witness services and cross examination services
  • Electronic discovery or e-discovery solutions
  • Computer forensics preliminary analyses
  • Data recovery
  • Managed and unmanaged forensics laboratory designs and solutions

Cyber Forensics has a zero-day response team, so when you need us, we are there. We know that whether you are seeking help with a forensic analysis of digital evidence, responding to a data breach or recovering lost data, a lot is at stake. We respond rapidly and provide the highest-quality service so you get the help that you need whatever your computer and digital data issues.

Why Cyber Forensics Services for Your Computer Forensic Needs

Cyber Forensics is a trusted name in the field of computer forensic services. We have conducted thousands of successful cyber and intrusion examinations and our procedures have been tested in state and federal courts with proven results.

When you contact Cyber Forensics, we respond rapidly and perform on-site volatile data analysis with little or no disruption to any of your systems. We also offer affordable solutions, including cost-effective preliminary analyses to help you establish whether there is evidence to be obtained from a comprehensive computer forensic analysis.

With any services we provide, we ensure that we are using the very best process and the most effective technology to help you achieve your aims.

To find out more about the personalized help that Cyber Forensics can provide, give us a call today.

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