eDiscovery Solutions and Management


Electronic discovery is vital in litigation today thanks to the rise of digital data. More information is stored on computers and other devices than at any time in the past, and processing this information appropriately and effectively is vital.

It is imperative to be able to process electronic data properly in order to ensure that you are providing the most comprehensive and effective service to clients. To be effective at accessing, organizing, and analyzing the digital data that you need, you should partner with Cyber Forensics.

Our digital data experts have the knowledge and skill necessary to help you ensure you are making full use of digital data to support your client’s case. We can also help you to respond to requests for data in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

eDiscovery Solutions and Support

Your approach to electronic discovery must be comprehensive enough to ensure that all necessary data is obtained, while also being organized and streamlined to ensure you are making the most of the information available to you.

Cyber Forensics can help you to develop and implement the processes and protocols necessary to ensure that eDiscovery efforts are successful and allow you to best serve clients. We provide assistance with:

  • Data collection and forensics: We help to develop and implement a cost-effective, forensically sound and efficient approach to collecting complete data from all relevant sources. With our knowledge of cyber forensics, we can also help to recover hidden data and information not readily available through the traditional ediscovery process.
  • Data processing:  Using a Lean Six Sigma approach, we take steps to ensure that all data is processed accurately and efficiently, including difficult-to-process data such as corrupted data, encrypted files, and deleted information. We can process audio and video as well as text files, and can take steps to recover information from metadata and embedded objects.
  • Analytics: Cyber Forensics has both the knowledge and tools to effectively organize and analyze data so you can quickly and easily obtain the most relevant information. Technology-assisted review and the use of advanced tools means the ediscovery process is much more efficient and less time is wasted on information that is not of direct use to you and your client.

Cyber Forensics offers your firm customized managed-review services to meet all of your needs. The specifics of the services that we provide are tailored to you, as we can provide help with first-pass responsiveness review, code data for investigations and litigation, and do more in-depth reviews in appropriate circumstances such as trade secrets cases, compliance review, and mergers and acquisitions. We also offer foreign language translation and a comprehensive array of other services to make the ediscovery process easy and effective.

Getting Help from Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics is here and ready to provide the assistance that you need in all issues related to electronic discovery.  To find out how we can help you to optimize every eDiscovery project and approach it with the maximum of efficiency, give us a call today.

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