Computer and mobile device forensic training must be provided by experts within the field. Cyber Forensics has unparalleled experience and the breadth and scope of the training services we can offer is unmatched within the government, public or private sector.

The training services that Cyber Forensics can provide are available to law enforcement agencies, government entities, and prosecutors, public defenders and private attorneys.

We have comprehensive and detailed courses developed that we can offer to those seeking computer forensic training and we can also completely customize training programs and services to meet your needs. When you want to learn from the very best and you need your training to be comprehensive, detailed, understandable and complete, Cyber Forensics is the only company to turn to for computer forensic training.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training

The field of computer forensics has evolved rapidly and there are many facets of computer forensics that you and your organization may be interested in learning. Cyber Forensics provides an appropriate level of training to meet your needs. Whether you are learning cyber forensics for the first time or are advancing your cyber forensics or cyber security capabilities, we can customize the training that we offer to the appropriate skill level and the desired subject matter.

Training provided by Cyber Forensics is built upon the belief that effective learning requires a combination of theory and practical real-world applications. We believe knowing theory is a key part of the equation, but it is important to also complete practical exercises so you can immediately implement your new skills upon returning to your job.

All of our training programs introduce participants to real-world functionality and allow participants to work with forensic tools and learn investigative processes. Our training is provided by experienced forensic examiners who aren’t just teachers; they also conduct forensic examinations and have proven credentials. This multi-faceted approach to forensic training accelerates your return on investment and provides a solid foundation to build upon.

Our Training Experience

Cyber Forensics training methods work, which is why we have successfully designed and implemented more than 200 successful training courses for Department of State Cyber-Assistance Programs in more than 30 countries including Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Bosnia, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Ecuador, Turkey, Colombia, Antigua, Trinidad, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, Greece, Uzbekistan, Paraguay, Tanzania, Oman, and Chile.

More than 2,000 law enforcement personnel and analysts throughout the world have been trained by Cyber Forensics. Our computer forensic training services have covered a wide array of subjects including evidence handling, expert analysis, rules of evidence, cyber laws, and computer forensic certifications. We have more than 22 years of experience and we have developed and managed training laboratories across the globe in response to task orders and government agency requests.

When you want a course developed, our decades of experience allow us to effectively and quickly create a program that is right for you.

Contact Cyber Forensics About Computer Forensic Training

If your organization or agency requires computer forensic training, Cyber Forensics is here and ready to put our decades of experience to work to design the right program for you. Give us a call today to find out how we can help.

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