Deleted Files

Cyber Forensics Expert Recovers 168,000 Deleted Files from Hunter Biden’s Laptop

168,000 deleted files were recently recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. The recovered files were primarily system files, application files, or duplicates of files stored elsewhere on the device. However, some of the recovered data revealed information on financial dealings in 2018 and early 2019, in addition to data regarding his personal life. The files were recovered using a technique known as data carving. 

The cyber forensics expert who recovered the documents, Gus Dimitrelos, says that the recovered data proves that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden and was used exclusively by him. He said, “In order for user-created data–including personal photographs, bank records, invoices, business records, third-party data such as the driver’s licenses of other persons, chat conversations, and medical records as examples–to exist within the unallocated hard drive space, the computer user would have had to manually delete the files. Any Robert Hunter Biden recovered file in the unallocated space was there as a result of deletions by the user ‘roberthunter.’” In other words, the existence of these recovered files adds further proof that the device indisputably belonged to Hunter Biden.

The Washington Examiner hired Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos to determine the authenticity of a laptop abandoned at a computer repair facility in Wilmington, Delaware, that was alleged to belong to Hunter Biden. The laptop came into the national spotlight in 2020 after the announcement of a federal tax investigation into Hunter Biden and became the center of an ongoing political controversy over its authenticity. A Senate Republican investigative committee scrutinized documents retrieved from the device in 2020. The committee hoped the documents would prove that President Joe Biden profited from his son’s business dealings with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. Democrats and the Biden family raised questions regarding the legitimacy of the laptop and its contents. However, a cyberforensic analysis by Gus Dimitrelos has revealed that the laptop is 100% authentic, and there is no evidence that any of its contents were manipulated.

Dimitrelos, a retired U.S. Secret Service agent, received his cyber forensics certification in 1996 and has testified in over 100 state, federal, and international trials, both civil and criminal. He has been performing forensic investigations for the U.S. government and the private sector for 26 years. He investigated potential violations of federal computer fraud and abuse from 1997 through 2005 when he served as a Secret Service Electronic Crimes Special Agent. 

Other information retrieved from the device indicates that Biden used burner phones to contact associates, though it is unclear why or to what extent. It is also revealed that Hunter Biden did have business dealings with Chinese associates. Some records obtained by the Washington Examiner reveal that Hunter Biden and various business holdings in his possession have received millions of dollars in payments from Chinese business people connected to the energy company CEFC, which is no longer in business. 

Hunter Biden Allegedly Stole Data from Hallie Biden’s Phone

Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos says that Hunter Biden may have broken the law by extracting personal data from Hallie Biden’s cell phone without her consent. Dimitrelos said, “Without legal or authorized consent, the person accessing someone else’s computer device and performing the extraction of the data may be in violation of multiple Federal Statutes including 18 USC 1030 and 18 U.S. 2511 for unauthorized access of a computer system or interception of an electronic communication.”

Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden were involved in a brief romantic relationship following the death of Hallie’s husband and Hunter’s brother, Beau Biden. Beau Biden died in 2015 of brain cancer, possibly linked to toxic burn pit exposure while he served in the military. The records that Dimitrelos uncovered on the laptop hard drive indicate that Hunter Biden purchased and used a program called Dr. Fone to swipe personal data from multiple devices owned by Hallie Biden. Dimitrelos indicated that Biden would have had to physically hard-wire Hallie Biden’s phones and devices to his computer on more than a dozen occasions to extract her personal data, including text messages, photos, calendars, call logs, and voicemail messages.

Dimitrelos explained that he believed Hunter Biden was 100% responsible for the activity on the laptop’s hard drive and its stored data. The data on the drive is “indisputably authentic” and does not contain evidence of file manipulation. Biden’s theft of Hallie Biden’s voicemails, text messages, and other data from her phone and devices exposes him to criminal and civil liability under federal and state law. 

Cyber Forensics Can Meet Various Cybersecurity Needs

Gus Dimitrelos and Cyber Forensics work at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and cyber forensic analysis. They are available to assist with various cybersecurity needs. Whether you are looking for cellular triangulation, forensic training, or electronic discovery, the cybersecurity professionals at Cyber Forensics can give expert testimony and step in to help clients who have had a data breach or hack. 

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